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101 More Training Games [Paperback] by Gary Kroehnert
A Decision Structure for Teaching Machines [Hardback] by Richard D. Smallwood
Accelerated Learning [New Paperback] by Colin Rose
Accelerated Learning Pocketbook [New Paperback] by Brin Best
Developing Effective Managers [Paperback] by Tom Roberts
Education, Training and New Technologies: A SCET Report [Paperback] by Janey Tucker (editor)
Improving Leadership Performance [Paperback] by Peter L. Wright
Leaning into the Future: Changing the Way People Change Organisations [Hardback] by George Binney
Learning [Paperback] by Sarnoff A. Mednick
Learning Alliances: Tapping into Talent [Paperback] by David Clutterbuck
Learning as a Way of Being: Strategies for Survival in a World of Permanent White Water [Hardback] by Peter B. Vaill
Letters Play: Richard Whiteley's Treasury of Words and Wordplay [Hardback] by Richard Whiteley
Management Development: Key Concepts for Managers and Trainers [Paperback] by Christopher Molander
Managing the Training and Development Function [Hardback] by Allan D. Pepper
Managing the Training Process (2nd Edition) [New Hardback] by Mike Wills
Open Teaching [Paperback] by Staff Development Team The Open University
Perfect plc?: The Purpose and Practice of Organizational Learning [Paperback] by Mike Pedler
The Accelerated Learning Handbook: A Creative Guide to Designing and Delivering Faster, More Effective Training Programs [New Hardback] by Dave Meier
The Big Book of Presentation Games: Wake-Em-Up Tricks, Icebreakers, and Other Fun Stuff [New Paperback] by Edward Scannell and John W. Newstrom
The Handbook of Organizational Change: Strategy and Skill for Trainers and Developers [Hardback] by CarolA. O'Connor
The Mensa Puzzle Book [Hardback] by Victor Serebriakoff
The Power of Learning: A Guide to Gaining Competitive Advantage [Paperback] by Andrew Mayo
Trainer's Pocketbook [New Paperback] by John Townsend
Training Interventions [Paperback] by John Kenney and Margaret Reid
Training Statistics 1993 [Paperback] by Dept. of Employment
Verbal Learning and Retention [Hardback] by John F Hall